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in power. and he tells president obama, he doesn't understand the risks of pushing mubarak to step down now. in cure the regime continue to target journalists and gun fire continues in the streets. pro democracy dmen straightors stand their ground, promising a big push on what they call farewell friday to prove president mubarak has no choice but to go. here in washington, the administration stands firm and rejects complaints from other arab allies. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> some on the right stay white house is wrong but republican senator john mccain not only backs president obama's approach, he passionately takes issue with those who say the best course is for america to prop up egypt's dictator. >> i'm not a starry eyed idealist. i know the nature of war and i think i understand these issues. and i understand the criticalness. for us to be on the side of government that are repressive can never help us. >> the front line of egypt's revolution, anderson cooper is live from cairo. on this night we do not have a live image to show o
demonstration to date. here in washington, the obama administration is playing down concerns that if president mubarak is forced out, radical islamists could cease power. yet, there's a sense of frustration and uncertainty at the white house. the administration has made clear to president mubarak he needs an exit strategy but sees no evidence as yet he is ready for a true dialogue with his critics. as one official put it to me, "it is not clear he is listening, and he may try to overstay his already overstayed time." and we have more from cairo. >> reporter: hi, john. on that point you were just making there about the concern that exists that if the moib regime should fall there would be some islamic government that would take over, a lot of strong opinions on that front from the streets of cairo. people saying that, no, that is not the case because this is not an islamic revolt. this is a revolt of the people and what they do want is democracy. and anyone who comes into power should president mubarak should fall should be held as accountable as he is being held by the population right now. th
president obama is trying to make peace, or at least detaunt. >> maybe if we had brought over a fruit cake we would have gotten off to a better star. >>> that and a rare scene with newt gingrich, ahead. >>> but first the state department tonight is raising new kern concerns that the egyptian government is excluding dialogue to end the protests. that same complaint in tahrir square, from prodemocracy protesters -- nic robertson joins us live with the latest. and nic, traffic jams today, so some images of a return to normalcy, but when you talk to people involve in the diplomacy and negotiations, boy, is there a lot of mistrust. >> reporter: there is, and i guess one of the strangest images for me today, john, was to see a group of about 30 to 40 policemen in their freshly cleaned and pressed yuan uniforms, looking very smug, standing in front of their burned out police station in alexandria, an incredible juxtaposition, these police have suddenly come back en masse on monday morning to do their jobs, guiding traffic, they have a history of taking bribes off of drivers at busy intersections,
including president obama's grass root organizations. they include limits on collective bargaining. among the governor's proposals, prohibiting unions from deducting dues from paychecks. cash-strapped states from coast to coast are watching this showdown. so is the president of the united states. >> some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin where you are just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. >> governor walker says he had no choice and was elected to make tough decisions. the plan is in limbo, because state senate democrats, they boycotted their session and there was not enough members to move ahead with the planned votes. let's discuss the states and the national implications. joining us, candy crowley and dana bash. somebody watching in utah or california or massachusetts might say, why do i care? if you don't live in the dakotas, there is a problem. >> you have red ink and that's the huge difference between here, where you print more money, in the states where you are qurequired to balance your bud
's an image from the demonstration that speaks volumes. yes we can too. the theme borrowed from the 2008 obama campaign and a pointed message who believe this white house has been too slow to embrace their cause. the administration told mubarak he needed to do more, including an attempt to bring in opposition leaders and emergency government over the past 24 hours. they went further telling the president he lost washington support and needed to orchestrate a transition and just now the president sent this message to the protesters on the ground >> the people in egypt, particularly the young people of egypt, i want to be clear. we hear your voices. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny. >> so now what is not just a question in egypt. ed henry is working sources on where the administration sees this crisis heading. ed? >> in private they are much bolder than they are in public. you heard the president go only so far there even in backing the protesters in extending his hand and say we hear your voices, also in public as you netted, maybe a push to the president and
their embattled president does. >>> here in washington, president obama delivered yet another nudge, warning the regime to begin a transition now and not to stall in hopes the energy on the streets fades. >> going back to the old ways is not going to work. suppression is not going to work. engaging in violence is not going to work. attempting to shut down information flows is not going to work. >> we'll map out the day's major developments including a mystery about the reckless driving of this white van right here. this van may have belonged to the u.s. embassy. we'll answer that mystery ahead. >>> also a leading voice of egypt's muslim brother hood joins us. we'll get fareed zakaria's take on whether the cracks are emerging in egypt's government. >>> anderson cooper watched up close as the army made a surprising decision to ease its crackdown and protect the protesters. anderson joins us now live from cairo. anderson? >> reporter: john, an extraordinary day after the last 48 hours in which we have seen brutality on just on a large scale against these anti-mubarak protesters by pro-mubarak f
and bob kagan, stay with us for just a minute. yes, vi, you're a 2020 battleground state. next, the obama administration's top counterterrorism officials and their chilling message. >> in some ways, the threat today may be at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly ten years ago. [ male announcer ] sometimes after surgery straining should be avoided. colace capsules stool softener helps ease straining to make going easier. try colace capsules for effective comfortable relief from occasional constipation. save $3 right now. go to getconstipationrelief.com. can a trading site help make you a sharper trader? mine can. td ameritrade can. they've got trading specialists i can call for help. and paper trading. free practice trading that helps me hone my technique. complex options. and free tutorials. online or in person. can a trading site really make a difference? if it can't, why are you trading there? number one in online equity trades: td ameritrade. trade commission-free for 30 days, plus get up to $500 when you open an account. curtis: welcome back to geico geck csteve, go righ
the vice president, heard from secretary of state hillary clinton, but then president obama himself today essentially calling the iranian regime hypocrite, saluted the demonstrators on the streets of egypt but now beating and quashing their own opposition at home. how does that impact the debate inside iran? >> reporter: what we are hearing from the obama administration is much different from what we heard two years ago. remember, there was some people who criticized the obama administration for not being vocal enough, they are playing their cards differently. they are leaning on the iranian regime more, they are adding more pressure on them and vocally coming out in support of the opposition movement l that be effective? will that be any different? it remains to be seen. >> reza sayah, as always, thanks for your help. from those troubling images iran, let's take a peek at egypt. much more encouraging pictures out of egypt today. this is the facebook page that was used to organize the demonstrations. remember, you had up here a more militant figure urging demonstrations, now, dreams came
to the regime and that the white house a short time ago, president obama ended days of personal silence on the libya cry says. the president said hillary clinton would attend an emergency meeting of the united nations human rights council, that the administration is mulling sanctions and other options and he condemned gadhafi's promise that anti-government protesters would be executed. >> the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> more on the president's statement and u.s. options in a moment. and we are tonight closely tracking a ferryboat now up here in tripoli scheduled to take americans to safety in malta, but it is at the peer in will i be qua overnight because of bad weather. let's first though get an up cho look at what many see as the beginning of the end of the gadhafi regime.cho look at what many see as the beginning of the end of the gadhafi regime. be
the most attention from the obama administration. it encouraged the iranian opposition and today hillary clinton had this message for tehran. >> we are against violence and we would call to account the iranian government that is once again using its security forces and resorting to violence to prevent the free sxegs of ideas from their own people. >> we need to note that reporting from iran is extremely difficult. the iranian regime sharply restricts visas for journalists and even those in the country were denied permission to cover the street demonstrations. also the iranian government has slowed the internet to a crawl in an attempt to limit protest organizing and to limit what gets in and out of the country. add in the chilling effect of citizens jailed in the past for merely talking to international reporter, and you get a sense of the difficulty. of covering this story in iran. but we've still been able to piece together some extraordinary details. what do we know about the activities in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: this is the day that will go down in a day that iran's oppositio
that this is an opportunity now for president obama to be very clear that the united states does support reform. we support the right of people to protest peacefully and we want to see the process go forward. >> i am told that there are lawyers analyzing both speech some people in the administration believe that the u.s. ambassador is correct that he did cede more powers than appeared. >> yes, i think basically so. this has become a power strug e struggle, not a legal struggle. i think enough -- he clearly will not be able to stay in office much longer. there will be massive demonstrations tomorrow. there is a fair chance the army is going to step in and get rid of mubarak. i think this is an opportunity for president obama and i hope he takes it. we have been sort of for the protesters but we have been very much for an orderly transition. this is an opportunity for him to come down much more firmly on the side of the people should be listened to here. their voices matter. and we're not going to work with mubarak any more. >> with an institution that has such pow sper standing in a country for so many yea
spread to egypt's parliament building. the obama white house sent an urgent message too. vice president called his counterpart in egypt and i'm told the vice president of the united states complained that mubarak regime is not moving fast enough to implement democratic reforms. in a bit some important political news too but let's get state to the egypt political crisis. this man has a lot to do with giving a fresh jolt to the pro-democracy movement. why he is an executive helping the protesters organize online until his arrest two weeks ago. fresh from jail he was in tahrir square vowing to fight on. >> you have a voice in this country. this is not the time for conflicting ideas or factions or ideologies, this is the time for us to say one thing only, egypt is above all us. >> cnn's ben wedeman is out on the streets and you could see the new energy on the streets today. you were there. tell us about this remarkable day. >> reporter: yes, john, you could see the energy and see the numbers. i haven't seen numbers like this yet. we saw just as all day long of a dozen -- dozens of people ev
. a hand grenade into one crowd killed one person and has wounded 43. president obama traveling out here on the west coast put out a statement saying he's "deeply concerned" and he called on the governments of bahrain, libya and yemen to show restraint and respect what the president called the people's universal rights to peaceful assembly. there were peaceful assembly today. tahrir square filled with flag waving celebrating one week. egypt's military warned the demonstrations must stop so the country's economy can get moving again. protesters marched in jordan, iraq and iran. let's get the latest now on the tense situation in bahrain. a tiny island kingdom situated in a crucial spot between saudi arabia and iran and home to a big u.s. military installation. nic, what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is the peace initiative from the crown prince. the king handed the crown prince authority to negotiate here. he appeared on a popular talk show saying the country is at a crossroad and they need a pause of reflection but one of the main shia opposition parties here said they won't get i
of the polls would suggest than senator kerry or deval patrick, but, you know, in 2012 barack obama is likely to win massachusetts by a significant margin if they would be held today so that may mean brown may face an uphill battle if they find a candidate that will -- >> i want to talk about that. even more so traditionally in a presidential election year. on this disclosure, when we learned about it, obviously we started our news-gathering operations and i notice because i'm from boston i follow all the tweets and breaking news alerts. it was quickly covered up there. your sense and maybe an unfair question because i know you've been busy working but the initial reaction in massachusetts? >> i think the initial coverage here is going to be one of surprise and sympathy. we always knew that scott brown had a troubled background but i think on a personal level, the story of skroefr coming adversity will resonate here because so many people are hurting in a variety of ways and i also think because in some ways, john, because he is a republican who has overcome adversity, republicans are often l
a desperate effort to disperse pro-democracy demonstrators. an angry and anxious obama administration denounces the violence and makes clear it is out of patience with the mubarak regime. >>> the time for a transition has come and that time is now. >>> among the startling images horses riding into liberation square as part of the attacks on what had been peaceful demonstrations. and among the startling words, a defiant push-back from the mubarak government that said it did not appreciate over-the-top meddling from washington. make no mistake, egyptian is at a tipping point. but the violence raises fears the regime will not yield without a fight. along those caught in the middle when thugs started targeting the demonstrators and journalists covering them was our own anderson cooper. he joins us live on the phone. i want to get to what happened earlier but set the scene right now into the early morning hours, what is going on in cairo can. >> reporter: the battle continues. it's basically a standoff at this point. a little bit to the north of the egyptian museum, i'm looking at the scen
, as president obama flies into cleveland to promote his own jobs agenda. just like in wisconsin the fight in ohio centers largely on collective bargaining. in a nutshell, that's when workers ban together to negotiate their own pay and benefits instead of every single employee making his or her own deal. with me now its ohio's new republican governor, john kasich, who supports the bill that would sharply role back employees collective bargaining rights. governor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you are facing a massive protest tomorrow of -- by public workers at the state capital, objecting to your plan to roll back collective bargaining rights. in wisconsin they're facing a possible government shutdown over a similar issue. how far are you willing to take this? >> well, jessica. this is not really just about collective bargaining. we have an $8 billion budget hole in ohio. we have a third of our college students, that leave ohio after three years the we have lost 600,000 jobs in the last ten years. only california and michigan have lost more than that. and part of the reason
, if anything, the obama administration can do now. curtis: welcome ba to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: kate frll, it a yours. ka: i'shopping for my curtis: welcome ba to geico radio, it's savings, on the first car.. gecko: nice! i do hopchse geit i bet yod great in a bl ofcar.h... atol is th kate: no...actually, i'm torn between a fuel-injected inline-6 and a higher torque quandary!esel.cko: yeahq um in course you could save either way. save you 15% or more on car insue. curtis: yeah but is one of them blue? cause i'd go with the blue one. anr: gei >>> the obama administration watching events across the middle east and africa because of reports that gadhafi is using his military to shoot protesters in the streets. >> we join the international community in strongly condemning the violence as we have received reports of hundreds killed and many more injured. this bloodshed is completely unacceptable. >> beyond strong condemnation, what diplomatic or other leverage does the u.s. administration have? with us the former undersecretary of state nicholas burns. let's
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map to make the people on the street believe that they are serious? >> well, when president obama said egypt will never be the same again, he was right. what we've seen is the egyptians have suddenly found or rediscovered their political energy. and, therefore, if the military does not come up with the goods acceptable enough to a majority of people, we could see a return to these massive street demonstrations, it sit ins in t square surrounding the state tv information ministry. so the government is dealing -- or the military is dealing with a whole new environment where the people realize that they're very powerful. >> indeed. ben, thanks very much. all right. he's overseeing all of this. >> let's use the map to show people some of the images of this remarkable day. ben is talking about history in a country he knows so well. this is a satellite image. this is tahrir square. it is grainy because it is taken from space. this is taken today. crowds gathering to celebrate the demise of the mubarak regime. we talked a lot in recent days about the state tv headquarters. we can come over he
and by plane. and this is noteworthy. as they did, the obama white house quickly pivoted to a much tougher tone. >> it's clear that colonel gadhafi has lost the confidence of his people. he is overseeing the brutal treatment of his people, the fatal violence against his own people, and his legitimacy has been reduced to zero. >> with that new tone also came some new u.s. sanctions against libya. and the united states tonight is working both within the u.n. military alliance and the united nations with additional sanctions. a lot of new ground to cover tonight. let's begin in libya with our senior international correspondent ben wedeman live tonight in benghazi. and ben, you are right there in the thick of it. what is the sense from the people you're talking to and your own instincts how long can gadhafi hold on? >> reporter: well, it doesn't seem that he can really hold on much longer. i mean, if you look at the eastern part of the country, it is firmly in the control of the opposition. we saw a massive demonstration here. thousands and thousands of people braving some very cold and wet and rai
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